BLOG April 2016

Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!: Great Gatsbyʼs to Offer a Menagerie of Garden Animal Statuary - Just in Time for Spring!

Calling all garden enthusiasts and animal lovers! Great Gatsby’s Auction Gallery is pleased to offer an exciting and whimsical array of statuary ranging from recumbent lions to life-size grizzly bears perfect for guarding your flower beds, or greeting your guests as they wind up your driveway. Whether you fancy the ferocious – carved marble tigers, anyone? – or the exotic – a charming bronze seated camel serves as both a resting spot and decorative element – the upcoming April 16-17, 2016 Auction is chock full of animals both playful and imposing to adorn your outdoor space. When the warmer weather beckons, why let the fun stay indoors?

Two Tigers Garden Animal Statuary

Camel and Lion Garden Animal Statuary

Buffalo and Plant Garden Animal Statuary

Garden statuary has always served as a decorative element, from the ancient palm-laden oasis of Egypt during the time of the Pharaohs, to the Victorians and their love of urns and cherubs which dotted the English countryside and famous estates. Adding flair and flavor to a lush landscape, garden statues are the perfect way to ‘break up the green’ and entice the imagination – of those young and old alike – instantly creating new and wild worlds within the natural landscape. What could be more surprising than to encounter a pair of lions amidst your potted plants, or a bronze bison peeking from behind your freshly planted trees?

For the sporting and hunting enthusiasts, bronzes of a bellowing stag perched on a rocky hillside and a standing grizzly bear would be an attractive addition to a lakeside cabin front or mountain lodge. For those who find inspiration from the classical, a pair of white marble recumbent lions would certainly add a Greco-Roman element to the entranceway of any home, or a dash of old Hollywood glamour poolside. Let the thrill of the changing season and the call of the wild inspire you this month as you find the perfect new addition – no feeding or watering required! – for both your home and garden.

Various Garden Animal Statuary

2016 | Great Gatsby’s