Bid at Auction

10 Things to Know Before You Bid at Auction

Experienced bidders will tell you that live auctions can be a great way to acquire something rare and wonderful. But, like any opportunity for great reward, there are some risks involved with participating in an auction. To be successful, it’s important to fully understand the rules before you begin…

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Rugare Kutinyu Zimbabwean springstone 'Horse Head'

Wild Kingdom: Exceptional African Sculptures on Offer at Great Gatsby’s

To the dedicated armchair traveler, the exotic landscapes of Africa have always been fertile inspiration for wanderlust. From the high grass of the Serengeti to the sandy dunes of the desert to the rocky coastline, Africa stimulates a romantic…

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Roman Chatov (Russian) signed O/c 'Equestrian'

Running in the Family: The Chatov Clan’s Artistic Legacy Comes to Great Gatsby’s Auction Gallery

Before they fled the country of their birth in 1922, brothers Roman (1900-1987) and Constantin (1904-1993) Chatov were witness to the artistic flourishing in Russia known as the ‘Silver Age’. When the Bolshevik Revolution rocked the country, it led many, including the Chatovs, to seek new lives abroad. Already coming of age in an artistic family…

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Edith Head original fashion sketche, framed

Designing Woman: Fashion Sketches by the Legendary Edith Head on Offer at Great Gatsby's Auction Gallery

Arguably the most famous costume designer of all time, Edith Head (1897-1981) made Hollywood history with her record eight Academy Award wins, thirty-five nominations, and timeless style immortalized on the silver screen. Without any formal…

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Model Ship

In Ship Shape: Magnificent Marine Models Sail on at Great Gatsbyʼs Auction Gallery

For centuries, the sea has had an inexplicable grip on the human imagination. Civilizations throughout history were reliant on it for sustenance and travel, and archeological discoveries from ancient seafaring empires have led to modern understanding of warfare, religious beliefs, and commerce. Ship models have been at the core of these findings; the Greeks and Egyptians used them both as household…

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Yun Jin or 'Cloud' Embroidery Panel

A Stitch in Time: Rare Qing Dynasty Embroidered Panels to Be Offered at Great Gatsbyʼs Auction Gallery

The unique quality of Chinese embroidery has long enjoyed a national and international appreciation that spans from scholars to connoisseurs, collectors to artisans. China’s rich history of creating embroidered textiles dates to as early as 1027 B.C., at the beginning of the Zhou Dynasty, leading up to its widespread…

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Two Nanking Cargo Bowls and Underliners

Under the Deep Blue Sea: Unearthing History with the ʻNanking Cargoʼ

When the Geldermalsen ship crashed into a reef and sank in the South China Sea during its return journey to the Netherlands in January of 1752, it claimed the lives of eighty crew members who went down with the vessel’s precious cargo of tea, textiles, gold, silk, lacquer, and porcelain. As part of the fleet of the powerful Dutch East India Company (DEIC) commissioned for the Zeeland division, the loss of the mighty Geldermalsen

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19th century portrait of Queen Anne of Britain

The Guise Has It: Palace-Sized 19th Century Portraits on Offer at Great Gatsby’s Auction Gallery

“There are only two styles of portrait painting,” Charles Dickens famously quipped, “the serious and the smirk.” Indeed, portrait painting – or more appropriately, profile painting – dates back to the early days of ancient Rome & Egypt where noble figureheads could be found on the sides of currency, captured in bronze and marble, or painted in public frescoes as examples of moral values and political might. The subject’s expression was…

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We’ll Drink to That: Charming Wine Coolers & Cellarette on Offer at Great Gatsby’s Auction Gallery

It’s been said that ‘necessity is the mother of invention’, and when prohibition bootleggers in the 1920’s needed a clever way to stash their hooch, they looked no further than their hard-drinking forebearers and their fool-proof cellarettes…

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Fairground Organ

Above the Madding Crowd: The Wonders of Mechanical Music at Great Gatsby’s Auction Gallery

There is no other sound that inspires revelry and the thrill of spectacle quite like the bellows of a boisterous fairground organ. The end of the Victorian era saw the rise of steam-powered roundabouts and fair rides of all kinds – one that would become timelessly popular – the carousel – and a new shift in entertainment called for music generating machines that could…

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Shall We Dance? An Arburo Art Deco Delight on Offer at Great Gatsby’s Auction Gallery

While working for the Mortier organ manufacturers in Antwerp alongside his father, Belgian Joseph Bursens discovered he had a knack for creating his own musical machines. He opened his own factory in 1908 in the town of Hoboken and his craftsmanship was well-regarded in the industry. In 1928, Joseph’s son, Arthur took over the family business and with the addition of a…

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Olor A Lluvia (Scent of Rain) Painting

Abstract Expressions: Contemporary Latin American Paintings on Offer at Great Gatsby’s Auction Gallery

Latin American culture speaks to a variety of influences, from tropical climates to contentious political regimes to hopeful, ancient mythology. It is no wonder then that the art produced south of the border tends to be riotously colorful, intellectually abstract or grippingly realistic. Long before Europeans arrived, art produced in Latin America took its inspiration from indigenous spiritual teachings and native practices…

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Game Tables

It’s All Fun & Games: The Timeless Appeal of Charming Card Tables on Offer at Great Gatsby’s Auction Gallery

Long before Frank Sinatra crooned the classic tune ‘Luck, Be a Lady,’ the gambling elites of Continental Europe, England and beyond were hedging their bets at low-lit games tables with painted cards and porcelain chips. The history of gaming reads like a modified version of traveling the Silk Road. Believed to have been first invented in China, card games became habits among Mamluk traders in…

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Come Sail Away

Come Sail Away: Charmingly Colorful Boats Dock into the Block at Great Gatsby’s Auction Gallery

The classic appeal of marine-inspired art is far from lost when it comes to decorating one’s contemporary interior. With the earliest forms of art depicting different types of water-faring vessels – think of the Egyptian hieroglyphs showing fully staffed barges on the Nile or ancient Greek vases painted with fishing boats and their bounty – marine art, as we think of it today, did not truly begin until the end of the Middle Ages. A ‘ship’s portrait’…

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Goddess of Justice

The Surreal Life: Salvador Daliʼs Lasting Artistic Legacy on Offer at Great Gatsby’s Auction Gallery

Salvador Dali was, undoubtedly, one of the most influential and flamboyant artists of the 20th century. Born in 1904 in the city of Figueres in Catalonia, Spain, Dali was raised in a middle class family by a domineering father – the elder Salvador, a lawyer – and a soft-spoken mother who encouraged her son’s artistic endeavors. The surrealistic nature of the young Dali’s upbringing was evident from the start. Believed to be the reincarnation of his brother who tragically…

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Contemporary Designer Chaise

What Goes Around Comes Around: Contemporary Furnishings with a Classic Twist at Great Gatsby’s Auction Gallery

In fashion it’s often said that everything old is new again, and that rings true not just for the haute couture mavens with eyes on the catwalk, but in the world of interior design and decorating as well. What was once relegated to a dusty corner of grandmother’s china cabinet, or piled in the attic…

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Robert F. Kennedy Portrait

Bold Strokes: The Unflinchingly Colorful World of Leroy Neiman at Great Gatsby’s Auction Gallery

One of the most recognizable artists of the 20th century, Leroy Neiman boldly captured the American spirit and beyond with his colorful canvases depicting athletes, public figures, big game animals and popular sports. With an oeuvre that appealed to both the aesthetics of Pop and Expressionistic art, Neiman injected his canvases and prints with a stunning sense of bravado whether depicting a horse race,…

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1920s ʻMedalistʼ Pool Table

A Sure Shot: A 1920s ʻMedalistʼ Pool Table by the Brunswick Balke-Collendar Company on Offer at Great Gatsby’s

Considered the sport of kings and commoners alike, billiards – and its 15-ball version, pool - has enjoyed a long and colorful history in America. Tall tales credit the Spaniards for bringing the game over in the 1580s, yet historians fall in favor with the Dutch and English settlers who are believed to have helped the pastime spread throughout the colonies. Popularity reached a fever pitch in the 1850s, after Michael Phelan, an Irish immigrant…

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Lion Garden Animal Statuary

Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!: Great Gatsby’s to Offer a Menagerie of Garden Animal Statuary - Just in Time for Spring!

Calling all garden enthusiasts and animal lovers! Great Gatsby’s Auction Gallery is pleased to offer an exciting and whimsical array of statuary ranging from recumbent lions to life-size grizzly bears perfect for guarding your flower beds, or greeting…

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Optical Illusions: Great Gatsby’s to Offer 19th Century Megalethoscope by Carlo Ponti

In an age where beautiful images of far flung places can be uploaded and shared in an ‘insta-minute,’ it’s hard for viewers to imagine a time when photographs were the result of labor intensive hours spent in a chemical lab, or cumbersome objects mounted to slides. Yet the birth of modern photography came from a wellspring of scientific ideas and advances. Starting with the earliest…

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Dragons on Chinese Porcelain

Beyond the Zodiac: Dragons in Chinese Art & Culture

Regarded as the most powerful symbol of protection, strength and the collective forces of nature, the dragon is highly recognized as the most popular and revered of creatures in the hierarchy of ancient and contemporary Chinese art and culture. Whether splayed or in profile, crouching or crawling, the dragon’s depiction on everything from decorative objects to…

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Bats on Traditional Chinese Porcelain

Swarming with Happiness: Auspicious Bats Take Flight on Traditional Chinese Porcelain

With their furry, snub-nosed faces, menacing outstretched wings and trademark screeching, bats are not usually the first symbol that comes to mind in the West for glad tidings or good fortune. In China however, bats and the motifs they inspire quite literally swarm traditional decorative arts. Thanks to the word for bat, or fu, which shares the same sound as the ‘wish for good fortune,’ bats have come…

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Donald Roller Wilson 'You Know You Want It' Painting

Monkey Business: Donald Roller Wilson’s Wacky Realism Comes to Great Gatsby’s

Known for his highly stylized and richly detailed paintings which feature a colorful cast of animal characters, Donald Roller Wilson has been making his indelible mark on contemporary art in America since the mid-1960s. His Old Master quality works, which come with paragraph-long titles, are laden with bizarre objects – floating watermelon and…

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Imari Porcelain

Beyond Blue & White: Imari Porcelain on Offer at Great Gatsby’s

With its distinct color palette of blue, red-orange and gold, Imari porcelain is the result of a series of cross-cultural exchanges in Japan during the Momoyama and Edo periods. Thanks to the dual invasions of Korea led by General Toyotomi Hideyoshi in 1592 & 1598, an appreciation for Korean ceramics led many of the feudal lords…

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Mastercraft Credenza

Et tu, Brutalism? A Mastercraft Credenza to Hit the Auction Block at Great Gatsby’s

Known for producing exquisite mid-century furniture while collaborating with artists of the period, Master Craft was founded by the brothers Charles and William Doezema in 1945. With an eye for design and changing tastes, the firm commissioned pieces by John Widdecombe and Bernhard Rohne, the latter a German sculptor known for his acid-etched pieces…

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Daughters of Odessa

Daughters of Odessa: Frederick Hart’s Sublime Bronzes on Offer at Great Gatsby’s

With comparisons of his work to that of Raphael and Rodin, the late Frederick Hart was a celebrated American artist known for his classically-inspired sculptures in marble and bronze. Uninterested in ‘art for art’s sake,’ Hart used his works to convey a moral responsibility and shed light on the darker periods of human history. The Atlanta-born artist began…

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By Any Other Name: The Romance of Flowers ala’ Barbotine Comes to Great Gatsby’s

It’s been said that a rose by any other name would smell as sweet. Lucky for collectors, flowers have been a source of decorative inspiration for centuries, their beautifully subtle forms found in everything from textiles to paintings, ceramics to sculpture. Now, one of the more unusual techniques found in ceramics stemming from the ancient world is hitting…

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American Art Glass

Through a glass brightly: American art glass on offer at Great Gatsby’s

Combining the fundamental elements of the American Art Nouveau movement, which saw the marriage of ‘high’ art and the techniques of arts and crafts, the tradition of contemporary art glass serves in both beauty and function for the most discerning – and democratic – collector. Many contemporary glass artisans, from Europe to America, take their inspiration…

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